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 “The mission of The U.S. Small Business Enterprise: Business Alliance is to advocate on behalf of all entrepreneurs and businesses in our network. To provide cooperative economic buying opportunities, executive continuing education, information, promotion, recognition, and organization benefits, services, and opportunities that will give our members a competitive advantage."


A Business Trade Association

As an International Trade Association, The U.S. Small Business Enterprise: Business Alliance is dedicated to uniting with other Trade Associations all over the world to leverage the synergy of joint purchasing power to negotiate international business opportunities with major vendors, suppliers, and service providers.


Inform and Educate

 Our Mission does not stop at providing financial benefits to our members; we also offer value-added Business & Financial News and Free! Executive Business Development & Technical Assistance Training monthly to our members.

Member Services

Group Buying Power


 Leveraging the strength in numbers from vendor relationships from all over the world - Industry specific group buying opportunities.

Group Discounts on Insurance & Financial Services


Industry specific group discounts for business insurance, health insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, dental insurance, burial, and financial services. 

Advocacy & Association Recognition


We help promote your interest! - Advocacy at the State and Federal Level -  association recognition via nationally televised business awards and business magazine profiles.


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U.S. Small Business Enterprise: Business Alliance

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